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JavaOne next week!

Posted by emcmanus on May 2, 2008 at 9:07 AM PDT

Next week is JavaOne 2008! I'll be speaking there with
Jean-François Denise, about upcoming developments in JMX
technology. Here are some of the other sessions you might want
to attend if you're interested in that.

  • href="">BOF-5552,
    "Java Observability by Bytecode Instrumentation",
    K Balasubramainan and A Sunararajan,
    Tuesday 7:30pm, Esplanade 300.

    How to attach to an already-running JVM and insert
    instrumentation code into it. Not necessarily directly
    related to the JMX world but of interest nevertheless.

  • href="">TS-5199,
    "JMX Technology Update", E McManus and J-F Denise,
    Wednesday 4:10pm, Esplanade 304/306.

    That's us! I'll be talking about some of the changes to
    the JMX API being planned in href="">JSR 255, and
    Jean-François will be talking about the Web Services
    Connector being designed in href="">JSR

  • href="">BOF-5698,
    "Practical JMX Security Options", J Gould and
    D Smith, Wednesday 6:30pm, Hall E 134.

    Although we've put a lot of effort into make JMX technology
    secure, it's always possible to get your configuration wrong
    and leave yourself inadvertently open. It looks as if this
    BOF will show some good ways to avoid that.

  • href="">LAB-1430LT,
    "Java Hotspot VM Trouble Shooting Tools in a
    ", M Li and J Shen,
    Thursday 12:30pm--2:30pm, Hall E 132.

    This hands-on lab is full but you might be able to sneak
    in. It promises to show you how to use JConsole, jps, jmap,
    jhat, and hprof.

  • href="">TS-6145,
    "Using DTrace with Java Applications: Bridging the
    Observability Gap
    ", J Haslam and S Ritter,
    Thursday 1:30pm and Friday 2:50pm, North Mtg

    DTrace is an excellent piece of technology that allows you
    to add probes to an application and summarize the data they
    provide, by writing scripts in a special language. The
    application itself doesn't need to be modified to add the
    probes. DTrace is available on Solaris 10 and on Mac OS X
    Leopard, at least.

  • href="">BOF-4945,
    "Designing Manageable Java EE Applications in a Clustered
    ", J Jensen and P Kristiansson,
    Thursday 7:30pm, Hall E 134.

    This looks to be a very interesting BOF for JMX weenies.
    The presenters are from a telecoms background but their
    abstract promises broad applicability.

  • href="">BOF-5223,
    "VisualVM: Integrated and Extensible Troubleshooting Tool
    for the Java Platform
    ", L-M Alventosa and
    Tomas Hurka, Thursday 7:30pm, Gateway 104.

    If you haven't seen the excellent href="">VisualVM tool, this
    is the occasion to discover it. A simplistic way to
    describe it is that it is like JConsole but with added
    support for CPU profiling and heap walking, and the ability
    to download plugins from a plugin centre. Unfortunately
    this BOF clashes with the previous one.

  • href="">TS-6028,
    "Near-Real-Time Distributed Enterprise Infrastructure for
    Traffic Data Collection...
    ", J Carroll and
    B Smyth, Friday 2:50pm, Hall E 134.

    The JMX API is just one of a bunch of APIs mentioned in the
    abstract so I don't expect it to be the focus of the talk,
    but the subject looks pretty interesting anyway.

In addition to all that, Sun's Pod 136 in the Pavilion area
will be staffed by JMX experts a lot of the time. Catch me
there on Wednesday and Thursday from 11:15am to 2pm.
Jean-François is likely to be around then too, if you
have Web Services Connector questions. And Luis-Miguel
Alventosa will be there in the same time-slot on Tuesday and
Wednesday if you have questions or comments about JConsole or

See you there!

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Hi, Really interesting items it possible to find some public docs? is it possible to use future jmx 2.0 specification on tiger? thanks in advance