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JSR 255 (JMX API 2.0) is postponed

Posted by emcmanus on June 16, 2009 at 6:31 AM PDT

Here is the text of the message I recently sent to the JSR 255
Expert Group, in my capacity as Specification Lead.

Dear experts,

I'm sure that you saw some months ago that our work on JSR 255
will not be part of the JDK 7 release
( This
decision was made here at Sun in order that some of the higher
priority features could be properly resourced, in particular for
the TCK work.

So, we need to retarget our work for JDK 8. This note is to
give you an update on how I plan on handling that properly.

Over the next month or so, I'll be setting up a new OpenJDK
project called "JMX2" where the Reference Implementation work
for JSR 255 will live. This means that all our specification and
RI work on JSR 255 will continue to be available to all to
evaluate, critique and try out, and it will be up to date with
the stable JDK milestone releases.

In order to do this, I will prepare a big changeset (call it
the "undo changeset"), which will change the JMX API back to
what it was in JDK 6, and apply that to JDK 7. Then, I will kick
off the new workspace as a clone of the JDK 7 repository,
including the undo changeset. I will immediately apply a
"backout" changeset that undoes the undo (using Mercurial's
backout command), so JMX2 is where JDK 7 was before I

I hope to have better news about making progress with the TCK
as the JDK team starts planning JDK 8, which is likely to be
towards the end of the JDK 7 cycle
at the beginning of next year.

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