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10% XP + 32% Sabre = 42% productivity increase.

Posted by emeade on April 15, 2004 at 1:53 PM PDT

During the chaos of process change, Xp is a lightning rod. Everything wrong is because of Xp and once the dust has settled, everything right is because of Xp. Like most false dichotomies the truth lies some place beyond.

People who actually get to "do Xp" often see ways they can apply the four values to other parts of their jobs, and in some cases their lives.

That is what I saw while coaching at Sabre. People using the values to do things better, smarter, simpler. People worked better, development teams shared ideas and reused code. New teammebers commented on how quickly they were brought up to speed and could contribute. But they had to do all that, because everyone knows you can't do Xp with 250 people.

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