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Agile 2005

Posted by emeade on August 3, 2005 at 12:05 AM PDT

I left Agile 2005 with that same excited feeling I got from Xp Universes and 16 bucks down...

Openspace is brilliant! Yet another example of people over process, you can sit down with 12 folks (including Kent Beck), with the conference sold out.

I enjoyed the keynote too, and having heard them speak before, expected it to be top notch. My favorite talk had to be Tim Lister's "More Things No One Wants to Talk About". You gotta laugh to keep from crying and I laughed so hard it hurt.

Congratulations to
Gordon-Pask Award winners J. B. "waddaya know" Rainsberger and Jim Shore (and here I am thinking awards are gifs ;)

I think many of us have been expecting/wanting the sort of changes Joshua Kerievsky is talking about in Commoditizing Agility. And it can be fun to watch the agents of change be told about coming changes.

Changing or leading others often requires changing ourselves. Christopher Avery tells us how to get in the position of responsibility, the starting point of leadership.

A lot of exciting things this year, I'm already looking forward to Agile 2006.

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