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get the best for SCJP ?

Posted by eng_7mada on January 17, 2010 at 4:38 AM PST

Hello All,
Now SCJP certification become one of the most important sun certifications for java and it's simple to take it ,coz SUN will consider you as a Java programmer .There are many JProgrammers didn't take this certification although they are very well ,but taking this certification become more important than before specially to raise your rank as a programmer and also it's bonus for you to find better job than you have
For Fresh Graduates ,it becomes very important as the competition to get a job is difficult ,companies filters CV and they select the best ,when they you know you are a SUN Certified it's a good advantage for you.

I'm talking here ,how to get the best for SCJP Exams,There are many who took this exam ,I will try to share their trial for you ,so you can be familiar with SCJP :)

First , I will talk about Technical side.There are many books for SCJP Certifications ,but most of People who took it , recommend this book SCJP Sun Ceritified Programmer for Java 6  , download it from here,you have to schedule your time so that you finish studying this book very well in two months then turn on MockExams or Testking Exams of SCJP ,for sorry there are only MockExams for SCJP1.5 not 6 ,this will may lead to take SCJP 1.5 not SCJP 1.6 .Someones study SCJP 1.6 and enter the exam of SCJP1.5 because of mockexam :S .Any way that's mockExams I have found here.
An Important Question you ask to yourself ,Am I ready for the Exam ? Here is the Answer:

"The best way to convince yourself that you are ready is to consistently score well on mock exams. In general, most mock exams provide a good indication of how you will score on the real exam. (If anything, the real exams are said to be slightly less difficult than the mock exams. But since the real exam is usually the last one taken after a series of several mock exams, candidates are most prepared for that one.) As a general guideline for confidence, you should consistently score about 10 points higher on the mock exams as you hope to score on the real exam"". -- from
Now you are thinking more interesting in the exam ,you have to buy its voucher and take it, But there an important thing ,you can get voucher discount as the exam cost is 300 $ , so read the steps of getting voucher discount and try it

Finally , Exam results , many of exam takers has passed on :)) that's very well ,they said that was because of Mock exams :)) ,lets see some samples who took the Exam
Aakash Goel passed with 95%
Rayarao Surya Rao passed SCJP 6.0 with 86%
prashant. iiitg passed with 100% :D
Pete Jacobs

more and more
so keep on and be the next who be SCJP certified ;)
For more FAQ about SCJP check this

Hamada Zahera


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SCJP is useless because it's quite possible to pass with good scores without knowing any Java whatsoever.
Companies and professionals know this (at least those you want to be working for/with) and place hardly any value on it at all.

generally , Java

generally , Java certification is important as a proof of your knowleday .some companies judage the skills of the employee by the certificationbs they have . The company have no time to examine all the employees one be one .

Any one , That's a guide from my basic experience :-)

in theory, yes. In practice

in theory, yes. In practice the exam is so ridiculously easy to pass without any knowledge whatsoever it's become a joke and has lost all value.
Any company doing more than using the mention of scjp as a flag that the resume might be worth a second look is doing itself a disservice.