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Day Two Key"notes" - Take it up to Eleven

Posted by erikhatcher on June 11, 2003 at 11:37 AM PDT

The comedy by Don McMillan was great!

It was announced that HP and Dell will be shipping Java on new PC's. Its about time. Being a Mac "switcher", I really appreciate having all the tools readily available. Another interesting HP tidbit is that IntelliJ is hyping that the web services team at HP standardized on IDEA. I stopped by the jetBrains booth yesterday and just said "THANK YOU!" and told the sales guy there that I wanted his job, because it can't be hard to sell a product that sells itself like that.

JSR 223 was new to me. I was excited until I went to look up the details and see that its for the web/servlet arena only. Huh? Shouldn't this be available in J2SE as well so that Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc get tighter support within Java? Tim O'Reilly gave a great talk about it, making the analogy to The Mechanical Turk. Great analogy, except for the whole web-only nature of this JSR.

Project Rave, aka Visual Studio, looked slick and long overdue - although I cringe thinking of using wizards to create Java code and then being stuck having to rip out most of it to get it to do what I really want (flashbacks to my MS programming days).

Demos breaking - while its happened to me, its embarrassing and really a bad thing that should not happen. I understand it happens, but we need to work for things working right the first time. Seems a counter-intuitive thought to test driven development, perhaps - but there are never second chances for a first impression. Perhaps I should elaborate on this thinking a bit more in another entry.

Compatibility and Standards is being hyped pervasively. This seems to be emphasizing Sun keeping control of Java (rather than the underground wishes of it being open-sourced). I'm certainly open-source savvy, but I also agree with Sun's stance on Java and keeping it "controlled". This is not an oppressive control - its a nurturing control. And with it should be clear that Sun has good intentions.

And finally, Gosling launched t-shirts into the audience with a trebuchet!