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I can't get there from here

Posted by erikhatcher on June 10, 2003 at 5:06 PM PDT

So, last night I decide to plan my first day at JavaOne. I pull out the thin Conference Schedule and Program Guide Addendum. Excellent - it has a calendar for Tuesday's sessions schedule, nicely formatted. The word "REST" pops out at me - thats a session (TS-3163) I want to attend. But it'd be nice to see who the speaker is and the abstract of the talk. Being the semi-clever guy that I am, I whip out the Program Guide to look up more details. I thought for sure I'd be able to just scan alphabetically through the guide and find that session number. Huh? No such luck. I go back to the schedule book and find a cross-reference which has the alphabetical/numerical ordered list which provides a Topic Number. Ummm.... ok.... now I have a topic number (Five) for this session. Back to the Program Guide to find the topic "Five". You would think that with a topic number and a session number that this would be enough information to find the info I desired. Not so fast.... within the topic Five area of the Program Guide, the sessions are alphabetized by the session title (which I just noticed while writing this rant). Sheesh.

Please, just give me a single piece of paper that has the full session schedule complete with speaker name, room location, and a brief abstract.