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My (belated) JavaOne Summary

Posted by erikhatcher on June 24, 2003 at 12:08 PM PDT
  • Monday

    Immediately after arriving to my hotel, I was
    wisked away to the top-secret war room where many of us
    set up the first pieces of Javapedia.

    In the evening I had dinner with the
    jGuru folks, including Tom Burns, John Mitchell, Alex Chaffee, and Ian Mcfarland (along with some others, please forgive me for leaving you out - let me know who I missed). My friends Jonathan Simon and Cos Difazio were also there. Later in the
    evening we had another interesting guest join us.

  • Tuesday

    We use a commercial O/R tool at work. I went by Damodar's Sys-Con radio interview and had a nice chat afterwards with him.

    I briefly met with my friends Paul Perrone and Tom Schwenk, co-authors of the new J2EE Developer's Handbook, which is one hefty piece of work!

    I went by the Java Technology Achievement Awards party, but was way under dressed so didn't stay long :).

  • Wednesday

    I stopped by the bookstore to lend support to a fellow Manning author, Patrick Linskey, who was doing a Bitter EJB book signing.

    Later, I stopped by the JavaWorld booth to pick up the Editor's Choice Awards. I picked up the ones for Ant being the Most Useful Java Community-Developed Technology winner and our book as Best Java Book finalist.

    Finally, I did my own Sys-Con Radio interview, where you can clearly hear I need practice (the interview spot was very noisy, so I misunderstood the first question to be confirming my bio).

  • Thursday

    Jonathan Simon and I had dinner with David Wheeler. It was nice to get some non-Java tech chat going to counter-balance the "j" overload of the week! David's Bricolage project is doing exceptionally well.

  • Friday

    I visited the Muir Woods - darn big trees.

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