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Open Source versus Commercial Software

Posted by erikhatcher on June 16, 2003 at 12:33 PM PDT

After reading this blog, I was reminded of something I wanted to post last week. I came across a blog last week (I cannot remember where I found it - was it a blog? or elsewhere? Post a link in the comments if you know which one I mean). The blog entry mentioned going to the CocoBase booth and asking them about how they compare to Hibernate and other technologies. So I tried it myself to see if I'd get the same results. The lady at the booth told me how bad open source was, how their support was better, and how I'd be in real trouble if I chose an open source O/R API. She's telling this to me - an Ant and XDoclet committer! Haha! So I had to let her have it a little and asked her to please tell me what features CocoBase had that were technically better than Hibernate. She said "you'll have to talk to one of our technical folks for that info". I left the booth shaking my head.

I'm sure most vendors are not this close minded, and I hope she does not represent her companies take on their product versus open-source. Her attitude certainly turned me off from digging into their product (and yes, we are actually actively shopping for new O/R solutions!). If your sales pitch is that open-source is bad, but you've got nothing better to offer, count me out.

Update: I Google'd up the blog entry I had seen last week and found it here. I've since gotten some interesting e-mail from THOUGHT, Inc. I've asked the person to post to this blog or allow me to paste the comments here. Watch this space!