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Search Convergence

Posted by erikhatcher on July 3, 2004 at 11:47 AM PDT

Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference was going on concurrently with JavaOne last week.

I watched Steve's keynote presentation via Quicktime after hearing tale that one of keywords of the keynote was "search". In the keynote, Jobs unveiled Spotlight, a very clever and pervasive search infrastructure for Mac OS X Tiger.

One of my most favorite authors, Steven Berlin Johnson, says its ironic that the most highly-touted feature in Tiger is one they've been trying to get into a shipping OS for almost ten years referring to the VTwin engine touted for Copland and rumored to be under the covers of OS 9 and probably the current OS X. Converging, Doug Cutting played a key role at Apple's Advanced Technology Group in the development of VTwin and is the creator of Lucene and Nutch.

I've been smiling ever since Apple's announcement and hanging out with Doug Cutting following my Lucene presentation at JavaOne. I sensed I was on to a very hot topic when I started co-authoring Lucene in Action (Manning) last fall with Otis Gospodnetic. With the convergence of search within my preferred operating system, it reassures me that that learning and writing about search technologies was the right choice.

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