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Pulp Dictionary: Top Ten Reasons to choose Java over um, C#

Posted by evanx on November 5, 2006 at 4:56 AM PST

  1. Beauty. Let's face it, using uppercase for method names is mental.
  2. Free enterprise stacks, free frameworks, free IDEs, free everything! Buy now pay later.
  3., - you can brew Java.
  4. Java is opensource - you can brew your own java.
  5. Java is supported by all vendors, except Microsoft. So that's two reasons in one ;)
  6. Swing, the sweetest GUI'est thing :) Just add Webstart.
  7. Java runs Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and VisualBasic. And maybe a few more by the time you finish reading this ;)
  8. Java runs on Linux.
  9. Java runs on MacOS.
  10. Java runs on your cell phone.

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