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Top Ten Reasons to Bury Digg and Get your Daily Dzone

Posted by evanx on November 4, 2006 at 1:37 AM PST
  1. No more titles like "AWESOME WEBSITE WITH PICTURES"
  2. Dzone is an awesome website with awesome pictures of other awesome websites! If you hover over the picture, it pops up an awesome bigger picture!
  3. You can customise how many articles to show on one page eg. a lot. I really do digg this feature. This should be number one.
  4. Mmmmm.... software.
  5. You only need 4 votes. "So you saying i've got a chance?!"

What do you digg the most about dzone, and/or where would you like to see it improve (let's give those okes some constructive whatsit) and/or what don't you digg about digg?