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Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 31, 2006 at 5:03 AM PST

Looks like I've been tagged by Geva Perry - BTW I have to thank him since he pointed out how the game started, I was really curious about it.

Well, I'm an old bear, but since today is the last day of the year I'll make an exception and play the game.So here are five things about me that most people don't know:

  1. I got my first computer at 13, in 1983, and it was a Texas Instruments TI/99-4A. Soon replaced by a Commodore Vic-20 and later by a Commodore 64. At 15 I wrote a complete macro-assembler for the C64 coding the 6510 code-machine bit by bit. I started earning from developing software in 1986.
  2. From 1992 to 1995 I wrote a C++ -based flight simulator for MS-DOS. It was named FGFLY and allowed you to play with US Navy carriers, the F-14 Tomcat and the F/A-18. It always stayed at prototype stage, but a bit playable (I got up to the simulation of a massive attack to a USN carrier by former-USSR Bears and Badgers). I started writing it because I was a big fan of realistic flight simulation (at the time most of the existing games were too simple) and so FGFLY included a realistic cockpit, flight model and weapon behaviour - it also featured Gouraud shading, textures and digital sounds including doppler effect when airplanes passed by. It was pretty advanced for the time. As it was also a big programming exercise for me, I did everything on my own, from scratch - I remember that the first routine I wrote was drawLine(). It was written entirely in C/C++, compiled with Watcom C++ (a professional compiler that included a 32-bit memory model extender for MS-DOS). After the FGFLY experience, I decided that I didn't like C++ at all.
  3. Even though it's something shameful for an italian, until a few years ago I didn't drink either alcoholics or coffee. In recent years I've started with wine, but just a bit, merely for gastronomic / cultural reasons. Still I don't drink coffee, I'm more on the tea side. Forgot to say: I hate beer, even the smell of it (I suppose that this will break any existing or future relationship with NetBeans and JavaPolis guys).
  4. Once upon a time I liked soccer (and I was a supporter of Genoa Cricket and Football Club, the oldest soccer team in Italy), but I've been pissed off by scandals and the too-much-talk about it around ten years ago - so now I hate it. And yes, I still hate it in spite of Italy being World Champion.
  5. I don't like noisy and crowded places and generally speaking city life. My target is to move to a small and quite village in the countryside when that lifestyle will be compatible with my job.

I tag Emmanuele Sordini, Robin Mulkers, Cristian Colonello, Ugo Landini and Marcello Teodori.

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