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Next conferences and demos

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 6, 2007 at 4:35 PM PDT

Well, everybody is now thinking of JavaOne, and a lot of people are already in San Francisco. Too bad this year I'm not able to go there, again. But there are other conferences on the horizon.

For instance, Jazoon '07 in Zurich. I'll be speaking in a technical session and showing a software demo - and the conference agenda has just been published:

I've already blogged about Mistral and its parallel/distributed computing capabilities, based on Jini and Rio. The demo will be focused on the integration with blueMarine, so we will show how a regular desktop application can take advantage of "spontaneous" local grids, for distributing photo processing tasks. These "local grids" are created by just plugging in the network a few computers with Jini installed - in a minimal configuration, a laptop and a desktop, two things that many people own at home.

While we have already all the pieces working - missing just the integration - next week we'll start a heavy testing session, as - you know - demos always worry a bit ;-) The source code for the demo will be published just after Jazoon.

PS This week I'll speak at another conference, whose context is pretty new for me: IOSA 2007 is about open source and archaeology. Together with prof. Alick Macdonnel McLean from Syracuse University and Augusto Palombini, Research Fellow at CNR (National Research Council), we will talk about VRC, a project about fine arts, cataloguing and - of course - photography. I'll blog more about it in the next days.