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My first NetBeans Day

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 23, 2007 at 2:25 PM PDT

And today I was finally able to attend my first NetBeans day, in Zurich!. Brian Leonard, Gregg Sporar, Roumen Strobl, Fabiola Rios gave the attendees an overview of the platform, both as IDE with the three Java editions (standard, enterprise, micro) and as Rich Client Platform API. Even though I use NetBeans a lot, I found the presentations really interesting (too bad there were no NetBeans Days in Italy...) and I also learnt something that I didn't knew. For instance, the new Profiler in 6.0 M9: it has been a great tool since some time already, but there's a new "Find GC path" feature, which tells you why a certain object has not been garbage collected yet (that is, which objects are still referencing it). It literally rocks for finding out memory leaks.

To me the day has been important for some reasons (in random order):

  • I met Gregg and Brian (as well as Felipe Gaucho a.k.a. Felipe Silva) for the first time - I hope that at Jazoon, next week, I'll be able to meet at least a dozen people that I only talked by email or blog;
  • believe it or not, I've seen my first sketch of Ruby on Rails code (never looked at a blog about it so far);
  • it was my first public event as member of the Dream Team (unfortunately no other Dreamers were there, I hope for the next week);
  • I gave a very quick introduction of blueMarine (waiting for the next week demos); with the exception of a meeting of the JUG Milan (but the project had just restarted its new NetBeans life), it's the first time it goes in a public meeting.

Last but not least, the weather in Zurich is variable, but the temperature is pleasant. A very good appetizer for Jazoon, next week. Now, my only problems are that I've to recover several hours of sleep (I've had some hard times last week) and I should get a better WiFi connection in my hotel (writing this blog entry has been a pain).

Below: Brian, Gregg, Roumen, Fabiola.




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