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Quick feedback from Jazoon

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 27, 2007 at 3:42 PM PDT

I still need some time to get to a comprehensive evaluation about Jazoon, so I will talk about the conference in general after the event is over. Nevertheless today I can say what has been the most interesting talk I've attended, since I think it will be highly unlikely that one of tomorrow's talks are better (also considering that I have to speak at two talks and I won't be able to attend other stuff in the same slots).

My favourite talk was Gregg Sporar's Integrated Profiling (with the NetBeans IDE). Well, I know the NetBeans Profiler quite well and I often use it, but Gregg illustrated some new trick that I wasn't aware of. I found it unbelievably useful: sure there are some debugging practices of mine that will be greatly improved by using all the potential of the tool. And also the Profiler in NetBeans 6 has some even new, great stuff (BTW, I've been using NetBeans 6 Milestones for months for a couple of projects, but never tried the profiler on them).

PS I've accomplished with large excess my goal of meeting more than twelve bloggers/VIP people; mostly thanks to the meeting of the JUG leaders. Also I'm so glad I've met Moritz Petersen. Moritz and I have been exchanging some emails about Java and imaging since a few months, and together with Emmanuele are planning to do something together...

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