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Towards a "unified community" for Java imaging developers?

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 8, 2007 at 3:06 AM PDT

In the latest week I've written a few times about the world of Java imaging. I've anticipated one of my points, that is we lack an "unified community" dedicated to imaging Java programmers, which spans over all the Java imaging technologies (Java2D, JAI, others), focusing only on imaging themes (e.g. dropping rendering stuff in Java2D).

Starting up a community is not easy. I talked with a few persons and we share the same opinion: we would like to see such a community. But we need other people to reach a critical mass and start it up.

We will talk about this in a BoF at Jazoon: "Towards a "unified community" for Java imaging developers" (without the question mark :-) ). We will just talk a bit about the problem, above all we hope to find many attendees and to exchange some ideas. If there is enough consensus (and volunteers), the thing could start as soon as this summer.

See you in Zurich!

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