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From A to Web...

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 3, 2007 at 5:46 PM PDT

Are you a Java developer/architect interested in Rich Internet Applications? Curious about JavaFX? Do you use AJAX? Interested in some comparison with Adobe's Flex?

Well, a good architect should know, in addition to his/her favourite stuff, also some of the most important competing technologies - just to be more aware of his/her own choices.

I know AJAX (even though I use it only indirectly, by means of Tapestry or Wicket), but just a little about Adobe's stuff. So I'm pretty interested in "From A to Web", a collection of 15 seminars that will be held in a few weeks in Rome and Milan. It's an event with some years of life, once focused on Macromedia/Adobe stuff, today with a broader perspective on all the most important technologies in the segment.

I'll be giving a seminar about JavaFX - the basic idea is that roughly the same small application (a quick manager of a list of contacts) will be described in JavaFX as well as in AJAX and Flex (by other teachers in different seminars), so people will have an opportunity to compare the different approaches. And the last talk in the day will be a sort of "round table" lead by the JavaFX, AJAX and Flex speakers. I'm curious myself to see what will come out.

It's not a free event - but it's cheap, and you can take advantage of early bird registration. See you there!