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Gutsy Gibbon: thumbs up

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 17, 2007 at 12:38 PM PDT

Tomorrow is the day of Linux Ubuntu 7.10, "Gutsy Gibbon" - but I have already installed the Release Candidate.

Well, thumbs up for it! The installation on both my MacBook Pro and Mac Mini Core Duo went fine, with no special operations required (I didn't even read the manual, just followed the instructions on the screen). It was a definite improvement, since last year I had to fight hard against some problems especially on the MBP.

The best experience so far is on the Mac Mini, since the MBP still lacks the best driver for the graphic card (since ATI donated the sources to the community, I think it's a matter of a short wait). On the Mac Mini, Compiz is working at full power. The new video effects are cool and user friendly - especially the virtual desktop transitions and the "glue-like" effect on windows. Just a few days ago I was discussing with a friend whether the "cool factor" would have matched some real usability as in Mac OS X, and now I can say it does fine.

Some final notes:

  • now the WiFi stuff has the options for entering the WPA2 passwords without need of installing other stuff; but at the moment I haven't been able to connect with my home WiFi (created with an AirPort Express, I think it's because it's a "hidden" network). I'll wait for the tomorrow's update and then retry.
  • still some problems with the default configuration of the trackpad on the MBP. Let's see tomorrow.

An excellent development environment. If only the guys were able to integrate ZFS... sigh.