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Three NetBeans Days in a week

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 2, 2007 at 12:55 AM PDT

After being present at three NetBeans Days in a week (Rome, Milan, Cagliari) my admiration for NetBeans evangelists has increased.

In fact, not only they are technically excellent, but they prove to have a high physical resistance! Changing so many towns in several days and, in spite of that, being fresh and relaxed to deliver a high level presentation is not easy.

For what concerns me, I've returned back home with a sort of flu :-( I guess that going from 20 degrees in Rome, to 12 in Milan, to possibily 25+ in Cagliari and 17 back in Genoa was not good - unfortunately I'm used to that.

So, at the moment I can only write a few lines. My main points from the past week:

  • the slides from my presentation are here (beware, they are an improved version of those that were presented in Rome, as I incorporated some feedback and answers to the most frequent questions).
  • I was happy to meet in person a lot of people from JUG Sardegna, one of the best JUGs in Italy (also happy to have been in Sardinia for the first time). Excellent organization, many thanks to Fabrizio Gianneschi and friends!
  • blueMarine collected very good attention and a special interest was captured by NASA World Wind for Java (part of my demo). 
  • One of the coolest things learned was about Device Anywhere.
    They offer you a service where you can deploy some J2ME applications to
    a large number of different models of mobile phones, installed in some service
    centers, wrapped by some hardware that makes it possible for you to
    control them remotely (in connection with some real carriers). The
    software in phones is not tweaked, so you're testing the real thing.
    You pay per hour of use (and the fees are interesting, even more if you
    are in an Euro country) and in this way you can do a pretty good work
    of testing without being forced to buy a lot of stuff.

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