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Android Developer Challenge and Italy, follow up

Posted by fabriziogiudici on November 14, 2007 at 9:43 AM PST

The news about Italy being excluded by the Android contest have circulated a lot, and made their way - at the moment - up to three major italian newspapers: La Repubblica, La Stampa and Il Sole 24 Ore, in addition to a large number of blogs.

Most of the posts have described the "local restrictions" that prevented Google to open the context to Italy (some quoted my blog). BTW, I have to thank the italian JUGs, whose mailing list has been useful for exchanging some information, in particular thanks to an input by Filippo Diotalevi.

On the other hand, somebody is speculating that maybe there's some workaround to the law (as a matter of fact, working around laws is one of the things we do better). Since not only IANAL but I don't understand laws almost at all, it would be great if some law professional give us some advice. Even though I think it's unlikely that Google didn't already tried that way.

In any case, since - as I said - this is not the first case of exclusion from international contests, it's good that this time people are making some noise. The next step, now, is that the thing goes even further to the upper floors and some lawmaker start thinking about a new law, so maybe we won't be excluded by the next big thing.