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Next talks about NASA World Wind and other geographic tecnologies

Posted by fabriziogiudici on November 4, 2007 at 5:24 AM PST

In the latest months I've presented blueMarine at a lot of conferenced and meetings, so now I'm going to change a bit the focus (but don't panic :-) blueMarine will be again at the center of a JavaPolis presentation). The next two presentations I'm going to give will be mainly focused on NASA World Wind for Java: the former, on Tuesday November 6th at 11:00, will be hosted by Parco Tecnologico e Scientifico in Pula, a place 40km far from Cagliari, Sardinia; the latter at a major JUG meeting in Italy at the beginning on December - more details as soon as they publish the official agenda.

The meeting in Sardinia will be hosted by the CRS4, a department of Sardegna Ricerche that is the entity managing the Parco Tecnologico e Scientifico. I'll start showing how NASA World Wind is integrated in blueMarine and then give some details about the APIs and how to use them in a rich client application. The sample code will be also from ForceTen, the new blueMarine spin off focused on geographic technologies. Also other map rendering technologies such as JXMapViewer from SwingLabs will be illustrated.

I see that at CRS4 they're doing a lot of research about geographic web mashups. I think there will be an interesting exchange of experiences.

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PS I'm adding a first screenshot of ForceTen. If you already know blueMarine, the Earth image should be no surprise; but the GeoExplorer at the left side is a new component.