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A special recommendation for JavaPolis: clustering with Terracotta

Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 6, 2007 at 4:31 AM PST

I've already shared my JavaPolis agenda and the conference looks pretty interesting, even more than previous years. But there's a special talk that I'd like to recommend (of course, in addition to mine ;-) since it is a BoF in a somewhat uncomfortable slot and thus it could easily slip below your radar.

It's "Clustering a Real World Enterprise Application" (a.k.a. project Scarlet) by Ugo Landini and Sergio Bossa. The two bad boys have managed in clustering Jira with an (almost) non invasive approach (i.e. without changing the existing code). Ugo just blogged:

...clustering with an invasive situation is really a different beast. I’d add that it could be literally devastating for your legacy project. Atlassian Confluence is a real world example, it has been a 54 man/month effort according to an atlassian presentation given some months ago. Clustering Jira with Terracotta has been much easier than that, and assuming that confluence and jira have the same complexity (which is a reasonable assumption, coming from the same company and sharing a similar architecture), we can safely say that the effort to cluster with TC has been a tiny fraction than 54 man/month, so much much better than that.

It's a real-world experience, that is the best kind of talk you can wish for in a conference. And it's especially interesting for Terracotta, a product that to some people sounds too good to be real (it was for me too, until I attended a talk that Jonas Bonér in person held at the JUG Milano some time ago).

While I probably won't be able to attend Ugo and Sergio's BoF (it looks like there's the speakers' dinner in the same slot) Ugo is a good friend since a long time (he has actually been one of my Masters in OO design) and I can talk with him whenever I wish. ;-) You can't - so I really advice you to attend his BoF.

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