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JavaDay Roma: simply amazing

Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 2, 2007 at 11:38 PM PST

I'm just back from the JavaDay that has been held in Rome last saturday, an initiative from JUG Roma. Just a quick post for now (I've been off for three days in a row and I'm fighting with the hundreds of emails that got accumulated): AWESOME.

There were 1.200 subscribed persons - I don't have received yet the official estimate of people that actually attended the conference, but for sure they were much more than 600 (the number of giveaway t-shirts that finished pretty soon). I guess they were no less than 900. Well, so many people for a free event that only spanned a morning (even though with several parallel tracks of excellent quality) is really amazing! It was a small conference rather than a JUG meeting...

Looks like it was a win-win for everybody: I've been toold by the CEO of a corporate that sponsored the event "We got 150+ resumes in a morning, excellent ROI, we'd repeat it as many times as they want" (delivering resumes was an explicitly encouraged practice).

Kudos to JUG Roma!

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