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Let's call things with their real name (applets)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 12, 2007 at 6:37 AM PST

Today, at JavaPolis, I'm keeping on attending talks about Java on the desktop. After the classic "Filthy Makeover" by Chet (this time Romain was missing: where are you? ;-) I'm attending Richard Bair talking about Iris. Iris is the demo that the Swing Guys did at the latest JavaOne (see Jasper Pott's blog) - in a few words it's an applet that allows you to drag-n-drop photos into a Flickr collection, including editing capabilities and cool slideshows.

As most of the Java stuff for imaging, I had already tried it, but looking at the introduction Richard has just done (playing a MPG file (*)) I've discovered I've missed some parts. For instance, Iris sports a pretty cool "Cover Flow" photo viewer with all the fine-tuned animation details - while the one I've recently added to blueMarine still needs some polishing. If I'm lucky, I'll perhaps able to drop some JOGL code (which I am not really comfortable with) and concentrate only on the integration with NetBeans RCP. It's a good thing I've not yet finished my blog post about it, after all.

(*) The idea of going quickly through the feature of an application using a MPEG movie is good. You can show more things in a very short time and people get quickly introduced into the context. I'll use it for my next conference!