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Live from JavaPolis

Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 12, 2007 at 12:54 AM PST

Well, yesterday the JavaPolis network spell triggered again and - possibly because of a failed router - there were no network available. I even tried with the pay service from Proximus, but developers clearly didn't tested it thoroughly as because of a trivial disconnection-reconnection of the WiFi (without an explicit logout, of course) I ended up with repeated login failures such as "you are already logged". And then I gave up.

But today the free WiFi works decently and I can blog. And - for my first time - I was able to wake up in time ;-) and I'm attending the keynotes. Stephan Jansen just gave the most important facts about the conference:

  • 3200+ attendees (this year the conference is sold out)
  • 100+ speakers
  • 40+ countries are represented (the whole Europe, plus South Korea and New Zealand!)
  • 40+ partners
  • 30+ JUGs
  • 400+ students during the University Days

Pretty impressive, right? And all of this for a modest subscription fee - this makes JavaPolis simply the best conference in the ROI perspective.

Stephan is also saying that for 2008 there will be a poll to choose whether JavaPolis should be held in October, November and December. Excellent Idea! And I really hope most people will choose October. December is always a nightmare since you usually have customers that want to do something by the end of the year and it's not easy to leave for a week. Furthermore, as my tradition is to come here by driving through a photographic trip, I'm just drooling as I think of the beautiful Fall colors I could find...

See you later.

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