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blueMarine goes to JavaOne - and other updates

Posted by fabriziogiudici on February 7, 2008 at 4:13 AM PST

A bunch of quick updates about my projects, as in these days I can't find the time for technical posts.

  1. Well, my talk about blueMarine has been accepted for JavaOne :-) Sounds as I'll be back to SF after the hell of six years...
  2. blueMarine is beyond the planned schedule, but these are busy weeks. Indeed there is being a lot of activity on it for a comprehensive metadata support facility, that will be useful also for the editor. And there are some exciting news for what concern metadata management, stay tuned. I'll soon post a new plan for next releases.
  3. A few people is asking me about the other two projects, Mistral and jrawio, since it appears that there is no activity on them. Indeed there's work about Mistral, but since there's an activity in progress for mavenizing it (thanks to a contributor, in this process I've only acted as a bottleneck unfortunately) changes have been performed on a branch. For instance, better support for metadata has been added, including reading IPTC, Wang Extensions and there is a new operation for printing an image in literally a line of code. Details soon. For what concerns jrawio, it has been really sitting quiet for a long time. It's that I didn't find volunteers and I focused on other parts of blueMarine, but it's still alive and I hope to restart working on it soon to add support for the most recent cameras.
  4. A blueMarine user has just been able to run it under OpenSolaris (which at the moment isn't officially supported, but it will be as soon as I'll have a working installation in my lab). Here are two screenshots to prove it:

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Great news, Fabrizio -- I know it will be a great JavaOne talk. -Jim

Congratulations! Is there still support required for Mavenization? I'd like to contribute...

Great! See you there ;-)

Great Fab! Hope to see you at JavaOne...