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IDE day 2008 in Italy - another IDE shootout

Posted by fabriziogiudici on February 27, 2008 at 4:35 AM PST

The past July, JUG Cologne organized the first "IDE Shootout" for the Java world. Since good ideas have to be copied (where there's no patent pending, of course), some italian JUGs have organized a new event for this year.

An "IDE Shootout" is just the gathering of the evangelists of the major IDE manufacturers in the world; in front of the attendees, they have equals opportunities to show their product. The style is friendly and there's no marketing hype "please buy my product": the final evaluations are left to people.

I think that this is really an incredible opportunity for developers - how many times I see teams that are still using the same product since a lot of years? Not having time for running an evaluation, usually they stay where they are, even though they feel that probably there's something better for their needs. Students have also a great opportunity: to start looking at "real world" problems and solutions.

Coming to the practical stuff, the italian Java IDE day 2008 will be held on March 10 in Genoa and on March 12 in Rome, hosted by the local JUGs and universities. Please refer to the official site for more details. It's a free event, of course, and attendees will benefit from a O' Reilly discount for purchasing technical books.

Last but not least, if you didn't get in touch with the local JUG, it's the right moment to do!