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And I made it

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 8, 2008 at 5:41 PM PDT

Now I can say, at last, that I'm a JavaOne speaker, really, not only a successful submitter. This year no headache, sore throat, cold, flu, pain in the ass prevented me from performing my talk. Not even the stinking MacBook Pro power supply that broke again a couple of days ago (men, I had to buy the third in two years). There could have been more attendees to my talk, but an agenda change a few days ago anticipated Romain's and Chet's talk to my same time slot, so figure it out. But it's good as it is.

Whoa. I presume I'll have an adrenaline drop, now.

PS Yesterday and today I met other people too, but since I didn't keep the list I'm surely forgotting somebody: Adam Bien, Michael Bien, Chris Adamson, Joshua Marinacci. I also met again Dennis Reedy after a few years. Unfortunately I haven't met Kohsuke so far, so I couldn't offer him the promised beer, and Romain is up there busy in signing copies of his book. But there's one day more.

PS2 wsnyder6, I owe you a beer too. If you are around, come on.

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It was great meeting you and thanks for such a great presentation on blueMarine -- I really enjoyed it!

@ lukman_jaji:

The presentation was introduced by a short screencast, I'm trying to make it publicy available, as soon as I can compress it decently.

Ok, next time! ;-)

whwat was your session about...

Wish I was around; a recent job change has me still here in Ohio.

Thanks for the offer!