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Community One

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 6, 2008 at 6:34 AM PDT

Well, I really can't express all my feelings in these days - even
because I'm still suffering from the jet lag. My first thought is that
I'm happy to be in San Francisco again, after six years, and to attend
Java One again. I didn't remember the Moscone Center was so huge and
yesterday morning it took some time for me to find the room for the
NetBeans track.

As I said so many times, in this age the real added value of
conferences is to breathe the air and to personally meet people. The
latter point is especially true when it happens that you "know" people
for a long time, but only by means of virtual channels such as the
email (I'm not talking about other "social" tools because href="">I
don't like them).

So, I must say that my first great joy for the Community One day has
been to meet personally Geertjan Wielenga (which is the main
responsible for me being part of the NetBeans community) and Tom
Wheeler, from the NetBeans Dream Team. I've also met Glenn Holmer,
which brings to three the number of NBDTers I've met so far (the first
one being Vincent Brabant met at JavaPolis). Today should be the turn
of Adam Bien.

But yesterday I've met so many other persons. Here's just a partial
list, in random order:

  • Judith Lilienfeld
  • Tim Boudreau
  • Tomas Pavek
  • Geertjan Wielenga
  • Arseniy Kusnezov
  • Yarda Tulach
  • Rich Unger (I'm particularly happy of meeting him since he
    was recently in Italy but we weren't able to be in the same town at the
    same date)
  • Adam Myatt
  • David Botteril
  • Chris Palmer
  • Tor Norbye
  • Tinu Awopetu
  • Ruth Kusterer
  • Janice Campbell
  • Fabiane Bizinella Nardon

I've even shot some photos, but now I can't find the time for uploading

And this was just "JavaOne Day -1"...

From a technical point of view, I'd say these are the three main points
I've seen so far:

  • The official release of OpenSolaris Indiana. Roman just
    blogged about having installed it in place of Windows on his laptop. So
    maybe I'll be finally able to install it on my MacBook Pro? But not
    before Thursday, it would be embarassing to erroneously scratch a
    partition before my presentation... :-)
  • The support for PHP in NetBeans.
  • The support for JavaScript (including a debugger) in
    NetBeans. This has been probably around for a while but I didn't
    noticed it.
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