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Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 3, 2008 at 1:35 PM PDT

Well, tomorrow morning I'm leaving for San Francisco. There are two
basic reasons for my excitement:

  1. The last time I've been in San Francisco was in 2002 - a
    lot of time ago.
  2. I should have been there in 2005, since my paper about href="">Jini
    in Formula One had been accepted; but I fell ill the day
    before leaving. The presentation was performed by two excellent
    co-workers of mine, but my morale had been under the ground for weeks.
    So this is my second chance.

There will be intense days next week, also because I'm trying to
release a new stable version of blueMarine and there are still failing
tests. On the other hand, no problems of course for the JavaOne demo -
I'm just trying to see whether I manage in integrating the latest
release (0.5.0) of href="">NASA
World Wind, which is still hot (published two days ago).
Thanks to Dave Collins from the href="">WWJ
forum that sent me a patch I've been able to deal with a few API
changes and blueMarine seems to work. Now it's a matter of passing some
more integration tests to see whether the update qualifies for the

I'm pretty excited for this release since it includes an href="">OpenStreetMap
layer, which is pretty useful - and looks nice, as you can see (Pat
Murris also href="">blogged
about it).


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Hey, we'll finally get to meet! I'm still bummed that we never got together while I was in Italy.

Yeah... It was really a pity that we didn't make it. But we are here now. I fear I'll have to write down on my Palm the names of the people I'm going to physically meet for the first time as they are going to be a lot :-)