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A boring evening

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 9, 2008 at 1:20 PM PDT

In Bern Italy has just miserably lost the match with Netherlands at the European Football Championship - as usual, on the first official confrontation after it has won something important (such as the World Championship) the italian team enters the arena full of excessive self-confidence and impudence and gets punished. Usually a lot of people complain the day after, while they will still watch every match in the remainder of the tournament (that usually gets on miserable as well), let's see. The usual already-seen movie.

In San Francisco, Steve Jobs has just finished his keynote. As usual in the last couple of years, Apple has "invented" something that others have been doing for years, just with some shinier pixels (this time 3G mobile phones, A-GPS, photo geo-tagging and document sharing on the Internet). Of course taking the bright move of renaming a service such as .Mac just to prevent some people from realizing that they were already doing that; and Apple will get paid for what others offer for free. Of course, they talked even less about computers and operating systems. Usually a lot of people complain the day after, while after a few weeks will wait for hours in queues in front of Apple Stores, let's see. The usual already-seen movie.

Yawn. What a boring evening.


Until yesterday, Italy was one of my favourite teams; a good candidate to win UEFA08. Now I think Germany will do it. Lets see and wait.

I will also be at Javooxx this year, so we can share some beers and remember the great Euro2008 moments. At Belgium, I am pretty sure we can find some people from Netherlands to help us with the missed details :)) eheh ...

Felipe, you can't really upset me talking about football :-P Actually I'm no more interested in it since ten years (I only watched the latest World Championship final in these years), it has just intoxicated me with too many doping/finance/umpire/hooligan scandals, and in my country people talk too much about it. I was informed about the yesterday match because I was at my parents' home and dad was screaming all the time ;-) In any case, everywhere in Italy, if you are in a town / village, you'll hear people screaming from their homes during a football match). If you want to make somebody upset at Jazoon in case Italy goes bad, try with Bruno Bossola ;-)

Moritz, unfortunately, I won't be able to be at Jazoon this year. JavaPolis/Javoxx is instead one of the few certain things in my life :-)

Felipe, Fabrizio, you guys are going to Jazoon again this year? I unfortunately have no time. Maybe Javapolis (or what's the new name?)?

hoooooooop Schitz :)

Jazoon offer to its attendants the semi-final of Euro transmitted in cinema wide-screen :) let's see.. perhaps the Italians will be there.. it was just one game (a.k.a. massacre) but Italy is not dead yet.. forza azurra.. :) eheh