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Resuming work on jrawio

Posted by fabriziogiudici on September 4, 2008 at 7:27 AM PDT

jrawio is an ImageI/O plugin for "camera raw" image formats. I've started writing it a few years ago for my Nikon D100, and later extended it for working with a larger number of formats. As far as I know, it is currently the only 100% pure Java code able to read all the parts of a "camera raw" file, including the raster.

Its development has been almost frozen in the past two years, with just a few bug fixes, but in the latest weeks I've restarted regular work on it (I even submitted it to the OpenJDK contest a few time ago, with no luck), also because blueMarine 1.0 (hopefully released before the end of the year) should come with at least a decent quality of visual rendering for "camera raw" formats. Thanks to some new samples contributed to the Imaging Testset Repository, I've been able to add support for Olympus ORF and Sony/Minolta ARW formats.

The project pages at are still obsolete, but in a matter of days you should see the new website where I'm going to update the related information. The snapshots for the upcoming 1.5 version (please note that I've dropped support for JRE 1.4.2) are already available and the 1.5.0 final will see the light as soon as I'll complete the integration with my Hudson, I get a test coverage report and the website is updated. Stay tuned.

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