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Celebrate NetBeans' 10th birthday with JUG Genova (NetBeans Demo Camp)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 20, 2008 at 5:59 AM PDT
I think you already know that in these days we're celebrating NetBeans' 10th birthday. JUG Genova will have a special NetBeans Demo Camp on November 25, don't miss it!

PS Changing topic, have you already booked for Devoxx? Remember that the event has been sold out in latest editions. Also, I've started booking hotels (it's a personal tradition to drive to Antwerpen and enjoy the trip) and I discovered that many hotels in Antwerpen are already fully booked.

PS2 No, this year I'm not going to present anything, I didn't even submit any proposal. While the fact that blueMarine's new features are beyond schedule (most of the work is about consolidating), I must confess I'm really fatigued this year, so I'd like to enjoy a conference without the stress of preparing a presentation :-) It didn't happen since 2004... But, together with other members of the NetBeans Dream Team, I'll be available at the venue for any question about NetBeans. See you there!

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