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About Swing and SwingX

Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 5, 2008 at 12:32 PM PST

If you are interested into Swing, SwingX, JavaFX, you shouldn't miss latest Kirill's interview of Richard Bair. Let me just point out a couple of passages:

How likely is it to see the SwingX components being part of core Swing in JDK 7 and beyond?

All of them? Unlikely. Some of them? Extremely likely.


What effort is planned to be put into the core Swing in 2009?

We’ll have announcements for these plans at Devoxx (*).

(*) I'm not pushing you to attend Devoxx, as the event is sold out, so if you have got the ticket you'll be there, if you don't have, no chances for this year.

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... but I feel absolutely relaxed with SwingX :-) I don't need to be assured it's alive and kicking ;-)

Jeanette Winzenburg is also holding a BOF about SwingX called "Alive & Kicking" which I think is later in the day than Richard &Jans on Swinglabs.. But I notice your schedule doesn't include either of them ;)