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JavaFX, Flex (or: Stephan Janssen and friends are the men!)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on December 11, 2008 at 9:48 AM PST

You are not seeing me blogging about this Devoxx (former JavaPolis) conference - this is because I feel like I have my batteries drained.

It is probably a combination of the antibiotics from the past week and the over-stress of three intensive months, but I feel really fatigued. In the previous years I was able to try a lot of new things while listening to the talks, or during pauses, while this time it seems that my brain wants just to rest.

The conference is amazing as usual, and this year we have all the new JavaFX 1.0 stuff - too bad I can't blog about that now (but Xmas holidays are a matter of days...).

But I feel as I'm obliged to post at least one entry about this conference. I've chosen a talk that could probably the most valuable to software architects in these times of uncertainty about what technology to choose for RIAs: JavaFX? Flex? AJAX? Others? You can't make a choice basing only on paper, and our experience, at the moment, is forceably limited: who can say to have a bit of experience in _all_ of these technologies?

Here come Stephan Janseen and friends (*). Stephan is the lead of the project, a fantastic repository of talks from a number of conferences, such as Devoxx, Jazoon and others. They have delivered a Flex-powered version last year, also presented at JavaPolis 2007, - a choice forced by the fact that Flex was more stable than the competitors. But, last year, Stephan said that some people were working on a JavaFX version.

Well, while I'm writing, he's just introducing a bunch of guys that rewrote parts of in JavaFX and other things: so we are enjoying a comparison of Flex/AIR, JavaFX, GWT. And iPhone (ObjC) too (clearly more limited than the others), while if I understand well Silverlight 2 was illustrated in another talk. It's very nice to see that competing technologies in a comparative evaluation of the same application.

I don't know whether the code for the samples is available, at least in part - I'll ask Stephan later.

(*) I'm sorry, I should have take note of all the names as they were shown in slides (they are not listed on Devoxx website), but I forgot to. Cool guys, indeed.



Thanks! * and friends (in order of appearance) = Jo Voordeckers (JavaFX), Tim Vandeplas (GWT), Vincent Claeys (iPhone), Benjamin Dobbler (Flex/AIR) The source of the different apps is not available right now...

Hi Fabrizio,
To help me ilustrate a short course on RIA technologies and to test different things, I have implemented the same "mini-test" in various RIA technologies (Flex, JavaScript, Java Applet/JWS/Applicaton):
You can see it here:

We talked about it recently at the hispanic community (JavaHispano) and a friend will posibily help me with an OpenLaszlo version. I thought about doing a JavaFx one, but I think I'll wait until the "business oriented" components are included.

So yes, that question comes up pretty often nowadays :).