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Designing APIs on the NetBeans PlatformDesigning APIs on the NetBeans Platform (URL fixed)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on January 29, 2009 at 7:07 AM PST

In my previous blog I've posted a wrong URL (it was the URL of the next article, which is still a non public draft). I've fixed the link. Thanks to NBDT fellow Antonio Vieiro for having notified the error.


95% of the things I'm blogging about are related to the work of blueMarine. The development is going on (right now while I'm blogging - check, the big mistake I made is to lack communications with users and not maintaining properly the system tests. So, what's happening is that we have non-official builds (see but I've not promoted them since I'm not sure about the overall quality (also considering that there have been major changes to the database structure and I've not tested the upgrade procedures). BTW, the published nightly builds stops at Oct 2008 just because of a strange failure with the automatic publishing procedure; but e.g. I'm using for my photos a build from the past week. I thank you for your comment - I realize I must talk to (potential) users about the status of the project.

How is it going with BlueMarine?? I really love the program, but there haven't been any updates since Oct 15, 2007.. This is a program which just can't be left to die, it's too good for that. BlueMarine's interface is among the best in the open source world, so please, don't just abandon the program and you'll see both the community and the program to grow . Best regards from a big fan of BlueMarine