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Reminder: JavaDay in Rome

Posted by fabriziogiudici on January 11, 2009 at 7:32 AM PST

Let me remind interested people that on January 24 there will be the third edition of the Rome JavaDay. The JavaDay is an initiative held by several italian JUGs that organize a special meeting once in a year. Some JavaDays are indeed small conferences and especially the one in Rome is, if you consider that last year they got one thousands of attendees (1200 if I remember well). This year there are 33 speakers and 30 talks, of great quality (and as usual the event is free). Some of the topics are: Java 6u10+ and JavaFX, Spring AOP, Scala, Groovy, Android, JME, OSGi, Terracotta, Web 2.0, better software design (unless you already attended it in other events, don't miss Francesco Cirillo's "How to avoid IF") and many more.

I regret that this year I won't be able to attend it (that weekend I'll be in northern Sardinia for business and while it would be theoretically possible to catch a flight in a hurry for getting to Rome, as I said in my previous post this year I have to minimize traveling and stress for health reasons). But if you Rome is reachable by you for a Saturday, you shouldn't really miss it.

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