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My demo at All4Web

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 9, 2009 at 8:14 AM PDT

All4Web has been a pretty promising prime and attendees gave us a very good feedback. For sure we will make another in future, even better.

I gave a quick demo of a JavaFX application, a very simple prototypical Contact List - the same simple application was developed by other speakers in Flex, Silverlight and AJAX. It was a special session that we named "RIA vs RIA", a sort of RIA shootout, that we gave for the first time 1.5 years ago (but at the time without Silverlight).

In the end everything was fine, even though the night before the demo, just before going to bed, I accidentally 'rm-rf'ed my code - of course from the command line, so no way of recovering it. Recently I found myself thinking that I should put under Subversion also my quick demos... when you have a good idea, implement it quickly! Fortunately my talk was in the afternoon, so I was able to rewrite it from scratch in the morning, with just a few minor bugs.

In any case I've just created a new project under Kenai, JavaFXStuff. Rather than a real project, it's just a source repository where I'll put some random demos about JavaFX. The All4Web demos can be checked out with

svn -r 11 co

The demo can be launched as a regular Desktop application:

or as an applet embedded in a HTML page:

I'll work a bit on this demo in future, as at the moment the demo is very rough - basically I don't like at all the fact that, as many other demos around, the UI code is just a single file with poor separation of concerns.


I'm afraid I can confirm that it does not work on my laptop as well. The browser uses the Java 5 engine :(

I've posted a follow-up of the story to DZone:

On the Apple mailing list, they made me recall that the Java plugin on Mac OS X is still 64-bit only, and doesn't work in Safari or Firefox. I forgot that because the problem has been fixed with Linux (6U12). Please let me know when you verify it on your MB.

Ummm, yes, applet requires Java 6, so it might be the browser using Java 5 even though you have Java 6 as default. I'll check tomorrow in my laptop (MacBook) to see if it works, but IIRC, it did.

And yes, I mean that things like JTextField, JList, JTable etc. are not in JavaFX, but as some of them were in the pre-release versions and were removed for 1.0, I said they have to be back instead of added ;).

I think I read somewhere that some of the components should be back with JavaFX 2.0, but I'm not sure if it was just a wild guess.

BTW, you applet fails in my browser with "Bad class version.". I think that my browser on Mac OS X still runs with Java 5, which would explain the slowness of my applet when run in the browser. Hell... my default Java on Mac OS X is 6, now I have to understand which configuration is failing.

Not all the components are backed into Swing (I presume you meant this), but there are only a few "native" JavaFX components. Since I needed the JList, which is not available in JavaFX, for this initial version I preferred to be consistent and only use Swing - backed stuff.

Upps, forgot to mention. Windows XP here also.


I'm not sure why but using the HTML page, the Java downloading message simply stays there forever. Accessing the JNLP directly works though.

What I experience is that the first click on a record appears to hang the application, after a couple of seconds it works and then moving to other records works for a while. After a while or if I stop clicking and stay put for a while, the same "hanging effect" happens again. It is not 20 seconds in my case but 5 or so, but it is the same as swpalmer.

And the gray texts are a bit blurry in my screen. On a personal level I cant' say I like grey font on red/black background, but that's unimportant ;).

On a related note, I have here a demo version of a simple management using Swing:, Flex: and JavaScript:

I want to add a JavaFX version as soon as it is ready, but until the text components are back directly into JavaFX, I'm just waiting.

In any case, thanks for the demo.


ecafretni resu lacidar yrev a si siht duorp eb dluow odranoel

PS What comes to my mind now is that Mac OS X has got 6u7 and Ubuntu 6u13...

> Sorry, this wasn't a good demo experience for me. This is a very valuable feedback for me. I've seen performance differences in Mac OS X, between the Applet and the JNLP version. No problems with Ubuntu. Not tried yet with Windows XP. Let me check later this evening.

Tried the ContactList demo via the JNLP link Using JRE version 1.6.0_14-ea-b05 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM... on Windows XP and.. Performace Stinks! I thopught hte app had locked up because I clicked a name on the list and nothing happened for 20 seconds or so... then suddenly there was a flicker and the details showed... tried a different name and again the same huge pause before the app responded. Clicking back and forth on the two names that I had previously selected was fast for a while, then it paused again... Sorry, this wasn't a good demo experience for me.

Forgot a point: many thanks to Joshua Marinacci and Terrence Barr for supporting me.