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Ten days to Community One and JavaOne: my talk and my plans

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 22, 2009 at 7:06 AM PDT

In ten days the mother of all Java events will be held in San Francisco, anticipated by the Community One. As usual, tons of interesting speeches - completely involved in some heavy work, I was forgetting that you have to pre-register for individual sessions in order to be sure of having a place inside a room. The conference planner was pretty good this year and I was able to work out an agenda in a short time (also because this year I'm probably more focused on some topics than in the past).

So you can find my agenda below. Above all, let me recall you that I'll have a speech at Community One:

(S304067) NetBeans


The session links are not working, but users can go to the content catalog at to get the information they need.

Hey, I don't see the GlassFish unconference/party on Sunday! ;)

PS Of course, the conference is great on Thursday evening and Friday too. But this year I have to catch the return flight on Thursday evening...