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Wine delivered at OSGi DevCon

Posted by fabriziogiudici on June 22, 2009 at 2:16 AM PDT

Well, so I'm at OSGi DevCon Europe (the only day I'm being in Zurich). One of the missions I had to accomplish is to deliver some fine italian wine to Felipe Gaucho, for thanking him as he's hosting some CPU-intensive Hudson jobs for blueMarine).

I'm happy to be in Zurich since I'm still in bad shape and, after the JavaOne fault, even this visit wasn't sure; and today I've such a fuzziness in my head that I'm having a bit of troubles even in following the presentations.

Anyway, the OSGi stuff is really interesting for me as I'm new to this technology (as a plus for the organization, WiFi is working and I've got a power supply in the presentation room, excellent!). During the break I've had an interesting conversation with Toni Epple, who'll later deliver his presentation about NetIGSO - in my opinion one of the most clever things that are happening to the NetBeans Platform.

Also, this week I'm mixing some vacation with JavaFX mobile testing. I've got the JavaFX runtime with my HTC Diamond Touch, but the first run of blueBill Mobile was not good - the application crashed just after the first launch while I was on the Splügenpass. Indeed, it was a sort of expected thing, as so far I've only tried the application with the emulator and the past week I've performed some changes to the application working with the desktop profile, since I hadn't Windows at hand (still required for the mobile development). But I'm carrying a second laptop with Windows aboard and tomorrow I'll try to fix it.


Thank you very much my friend, tonight I will drink a wine with Mr. Hudson :)