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jrawio 1.5.0 released (with experimental OSGi support)

Posted by fabriziogiudici on July 13, 2009 at 12:56 PM PDT

All the relevant information in my DZone post.


Sorry - I was confusing with Emmanuele Sordini :-) Indeed, after the latest changes (please check out trunk) things are easier, as tests are able to retrieve the test files from the web, so no need to use your own files. So you should be able to check out trunk and just run tests with no problems. Tests files will be stored on the disk (temp folder or under the folder defined by the property testset.cached.folder, so they are downloaded only once). It would be nice if we found a way to run all the tests both in the normal way (as they are now) and from inside a Felix container. I think this could be doable playing with the surefire plugin?

No! I have a Nikon D80

Which camera do you own, Filippo? If I remember well you're a Canonist, but I don't remember the model name.

Well, I can confirm that the bundle starts correctly in Apache Felix (and that the manifest seems to be ok)... now... how do I use it? :-D