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Mercurial Best Practices

Posted by fabriziogiudici on August 25, 2009 at 6:02 AM PDT

I've prepared a document that describes how to work with my projects and Mercurial. It is available here. While it is not meant as a replacement for Mercurial tutorials, it has been written also for Mercurial newbies. Comments welcome - also here (so I can see how comments work with the new Java.Net platform ;-).

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A different branch merge strategy

Hi Fabrizio, thanks for this "tutorial": it became the base of my Mercurial knowledge. I wrote a similar document as a guideline for my JUG Events project: In that document I adopted a slightly different strategy for merging a branch after an issue is fixed. Mainly I close the branch before merging it into the default branch. This prevent the creation of multiple unmerged heads. I would like to see your comments on this method.

Mercurial X Hudson Integration Game

since Mercurial uses SSH to push data in the repositories.. the scores in our Hudson server are becoming broken ... the same user working in two distinct machines will have two distinct identities for Hudson :(

eventually it can be fixed with the switch -C when the user generates the SSH keys....

no time to blog about it, but if you can (want) investigate it further.. please be my guest ... :)

mercurial and user names

This is caused by how they commit not the push. The user can force this on the command line with the -U parameter. i.e. hg commit -U username .... hg commit -U username@hostname .... etc as long as they use the same one then hudson would see just the one user. Alternatively in .hgrc: [ui] username = username@hostname Then when they commit it will use that every time unless overridden with -U When the push occurs it shouldn't be changing the commit users in any way.


Right. Felipe, look at the last part of my Mercurial document, you'll see the section defining the commit user name that Peter referred.

PS Sorry for the late answer, but the disk partition with email, firefox preferences and passwords has crashed and I'm still in the middle of the recovery.