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JavaOne is over? Go to Devoxx.

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 8, 2009 at 6:58 PM PDT

Rumors published by a newspaper are making people discuss whether JavaOne 2009 has been the last one, as Oracle would prefer to merge it with its OracleWorld. My point is that rumors should be considered as much as they deserve: that is, as almost nothing. And I'm not really interested in the name of a conference (*), given that it is well planned and it sports good speakers. For instance, what was born as JavaPolis is now called Devoxx, still it's the usual good stuff. So, instead of puzzling yourself about the future (that nobody will know until January, and anyway I'm sure Oracle will deliver a very good conference in USA) make sure you have bought the ticket for Devoxx, before it gets sold out as usual.

(*) Yes, there's the emotional thing. I don't pretend that "Hey, ma, I'm going to OracleWorld / whatever" sounds as good as "Hey, ma, I'm going to JavaOne". But in this perspective I'm much more impressed by the possible vanishing of the much loved "Sun" brand. Still, that's life and this is only form; substance is more important.