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Getting rid of MVC

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 26, 2009 at 12:37 PM PDT

A few days ago I started a series of post about one of the idioms I'm using with my NetBeans Platform projects, which is the "Pluggable TopComponent". It is the result of a few months of design exercises started with MVC. As I mentioned in my first post, in the meantime some interesting stuff has been published about DCI, a pattern that sports better properties than MVC, in particular a post by Yarda Tulach specifically focused on NetBeans Platform and DCI. At the moment of writing my first posts of the series, I had the feeling that I was using a sort-of DCI, but I wasn't sure. Thankfully, Antonio Vieiro posted another insight of DCI and the Platform, which confirmed by impression. Pluggable TopComponent is using DCI and I'm always glad when I see design convergence. So I'm just re-editing the next parts of my posts to take into account DCI's official terminology ("roles", where I was talking about "behaviours") and have the articles much more readable.

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Thanks for the links

Thank you for pointing these out! I always felt somehow awkward with MVC... and now understand better why. I seem to have instinctively gravitated toward something similar to DCI, though I never worked on GUIs long enough to cristalize my thoughts.