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You can read my Hudson configuration

Posted by fabriziogiudici on November 9, 2009 at 1:07 AM PST

After the latest upgrade of my Hudson instance, I noticed that a new option in the security matrix appeared: it allows anonymous visitors to have a (read only) look at a job configuration, if the administrator allows it. I think it's a great feature (that I was asking for some months ago), as it allows to share our knowledge about our favourite CI tool.

So I've opened most of my jobs and you can poke your nose into them; for instance, (please note that the "/hudson" part could go away in a few days, if the previous link doesn't work try I'll comment about it in a few days, as it implements for the first time a dream that I had months ago, that is the capability of making a release with just a single mouse click.

Well, it seems that I'm coming to an end with the building of my next generation software factory. Just in time to talk about it at the upcoming JAX Italia.

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It's a nice feature...It

It's a nice feature...It would be awesome if open source projects that use Hudson as their CI would allow users to view the jobs configuration. This would definitely give users examples on how to configure jobs. Thanks for sharing...I don't use maven but at least I got an example to follow...

still struggling with hudson and...

name one, it's the usual suspect... maven! I'll definitely dig into your configurations to understand if you've found the holy grail of configuring a maven multi-module build with all the reporting graphs working and avoid the awful maven site generation, which will be hopefully be removed from maven3...

Something in the multi stage

Something in the multi stage actually works, with some residual problems due to specific Hudson stuff. If you're at JAX, as I suspect/hope you'll be, I'll illustrate the configuration as part of my talk. Indeed, I suspect there's nothing special, and would love feedback.