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Spinning JXMapViewer and related stuff out of SwingX-WS.

Posted by fabriziogiudici on November 17, 2009 at 9:19 PM PST

While SwingX is going on steadily (1.6 has been recently released), things are pretty quiet for SwingX-WS. I've just recently patched it in order to make it compatible with the latest 1.6 and I'm fine with it, but I think that it's important that it is taken care consistently. From what I can understand, the SwingLabs guys are focusing on SwingX and little time remains for SwingX-WS.

Also, SwingX-WS probably was born with a broader scope (collecting several stuff generically aimed at using a few common, public web services from Swing), while AFAIK most people now use it for JXMapViewer. I see a rather high interest in it - and probably spinning the map stuff out of it (in a SwingX-Geo project or such) would make it easier for other people to step in and maintain it (I would be glad to help, as I'm using JXMapViewer, even though I can't take a primary commitment in it - at the moment I'm saturated with my FLOSS commitment and my next love should go for the next release of BetterBeansBindings).

What do you think?

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Fabrizio, just adding the


just adding the backlink to the swinglabs forum thread you started:



Great Idea! I already began patching some little stuff as development seems to have stalled. I also had the idea of starting my first Kenai project with an updated SwingX-WS, but your idea is better. Keep us up to date please! Regards, franz