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Since we have more time for JDK 7...

Posted by fabriziogiudici on November 19, 2009 at 3:42 PM PST

... what about JSR 310 (Date & Time API)? It was excluded since it was not stable enough for the deadline, but maybe now it could make for it?


What about JWebPane

I am not sure if JWebPane would have made it in the first place, but do you think (or know) if with this extension, it would finally make it in?

310 and many others... SAF and BB, and the pieces of JSR166y that didn't enter yet like ParallelArray. The latter BTW really needs closures, and I guess beans binding could also make good use of closures. But let's not get too carried, I don't want that JDK 7 slips into 2011. ;-)

It sounds that closures have

It sounds that closures have been revisited especially for ParallelArray, so it should be in the party. SAF and BB have been paused - and clearly the community counterparts haven't the time to get ready. I'd not be worried about they not being included in the JDK 7, as they are libraries that everybody can add - Date & Time, in contrast, is a foundation library and we would like that it is properly used by other parts of the JDK (e.g. JDBC, JPA, whatever).