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I got an Android phone, but...

Posted by fabriziogiudici on March 4, 2010 at 2:48 PM PST

I've just bought a Motorola Droid (named Milestone in Italy). This is part of my plan to have about 4/5 mobile phones with some decent operating systems supporting Java or Java-like development. I've already got a Sony-Ericsson W595, a HTC with Windows Mobile, now the Droid and the next will be a Nokia (I originally planned for a Symbian phone, but now I could be more interested in a Meego).

I've just played with the Droid for a couple of hours, to get the initial feedback. While Google is vastly fairer than Apple, it still disturbs me a lot for the multiple attempts to enter my privacy. To install applications from the Android Store (heck, even for looking what it's available, since the website reachable by my laptop contains almost nothing) I need to subscribe to it and this implies having a Google Mail account, even though I've got already a regular Google account for other services. I don't have a Google Mail account, and I don't want to have any. Then, there's the feature that would send to Google data about my location "for providing a better service" (as I've said, at least Google is fair because the feature is not enabled by default and clearly asks for my permission, which of course I didn't give). And I can't just disable the GSM/3G connection to force the use of WiFi (I'm at home and I don't see why should I make a money gift to my provider) - I'm sure I'll be able to do by installing the proper application, but it should be a feature available out-of-the-box.

Overall, it's not a pleasant user experience. It's a piece of equipment that, even though politely, continuously tries to persuade me to do things that I don't want (and probably don't need). The Sony Ericsson is just a regular phone, but it does only what I want; it's what I expect from technology, that silently does what I want, not anything more.

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n900 :) , but probably the lack of java support for now is a stopper for you, there are some persons currently running java on maemo.