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Oracle officially asked Sonatype to back Java.Net

Posted by fabriziogiudici on March 22, 2010 at 6:39 PM PDT

About one month ago I was reviewing the Sonatype Free Maven Repository Hosting for FLOSS projects. I was pretty positive about that, being my conclusion:

So, if I were Oracle, I wouldn't spend time and efforts to create specific Maven support at Kenai (that will be the new Java.Net) - using Sonatype's facilities seems to me the best way to rationalize resources across the Java Community.

A few days later, Sonatype announced a plan to provide explicitly hosting for Java.Net projects - and now Mitchell Pronschinske just reported that Oracle is officially backing the plan:

Oracle has contacted Sonatype and commissioned them to clean up and build a hosted forge for it. Sonatype will make a public repository for available this week to vet the content before merging the projects into Maven Central.

So it sounds that, in a few months, with Sonatype Maven support and the merge with Kenai we'll have a hell of a forge for our stuff here at Java.Net!

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a relayed messages problem

Jason van Zyl from Sonatype posted a comment to my blog post that clarifies the situation.

In the end, this was a case of a story changing as it was relayed from person to person. No real harm done, from what I can see...

I hope so. Anyway, this

I hope so. Anyway, this demonstrates how the web and blogs can be, generally speaking, dangerous and carrier of hype, even when there's bona fide.


Do you think it's possible to add an optional feature to Java.Net blogs so it doesn't accept posts in a certain time range (e.g. overnight)?

Sonatype's announcement is incorrect.

Unfortunately, this announcement is premature at best.  While Oracle has talked with Sonatype in the past few weeks, there is no contract in place at the moment.  We are committed to providing better support for Maven in the future, but we are exploring several options.   As soon as we have made a final decision, we will make a formal announcement on

Sonya Barry Community and Program Manager   

So, I apologize for having

So, I apologize for having posted some noise... :-( longing forward to hearing the official news from the Java.Net staff.

The whole thing is just

The whole thing is just strange from where I sit.  Nobody on my team has any idea where this came from, and no one from Sonatype has ever contacted me.  A close reading of the DZone article indicates that the headline doesn't have much to do with the content, so I'm not sure if this is a premature announcement from Sonatype, or a misinterpretation by the people reporting on it.  I do hope that when we announce a solution (whatever it turns out to be) that you will be just as pleased.  It should be forthcoming in the next few weeks. 

In general, it's probably good to assume that official announcements from Oracle will probably come from Oracle.  After all, my favorite part of my job is being able to make good announcements to the community here.  Once we have the milestones for the migration to Kenai nailed down, I'm looking forward to making a lot of happy posts on the front page of  :) 


Of course. My fault for not

Of course. My fault for not having tracked down the announcement to an official Oracle statement - first rule when citing others' posts is to check sources. I suppose I shouldn't blog during an insomnia crisis. I apologize with my readers too.